Kitesurfing Lessons

Discovering Kitesurf - Kitesurfing Course (2 days)

Kitesurfing course perfect to know the sport. Two sessions, the first one on land, the second one in water. Program objectives:

 Wind and kiteboarding theory, safety systems and equipment setup.

 Fly the kite on the land.

 Body Drag (water traction without a board) and water kite relaunch practices.

 First exercise of Water Start.

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curso kitesurf

I wanna be a Kitesurfer - Kitesurfing Course (3 days)

This course will allow you to enjoy your first kite surfing experience. Three sessions, the first on land and the other two on water. Program objectives:

Session 1 and 2 is equivalent to the DISCOVERING KITESURF.

Sailing guidelines.

Body Drag Pro (board recuperation at sea).

Sailing Training.

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From zero to hero - Kitesurfing Course (4 days)

Learn to be independent! This course is suitable for all those who want to kitesurf by themselves. Divided into four sessions, we start on land and end up sailing. Program objectives:

Session 1, 2 and 3 are equivalent to the I WANNA BE A KITESURFER.

Self-rescue technique.

Sailing body position improvement.

Sailing rules.

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Small group lessons

Maximum two students per instructor

Sessions from 2h

Subject to the number of participants and equipment used

¿Do you want to improve your kitesurfing skills?

Water start, Upwind, Jumping...
Semi-private Kitesurfing Lessons

Come with a friend or join a student, with your same level of kitesurfing, who wants to share lessons with you. Sessions of 2h per day and a kite for you alone. Get to improve quickly!

Private Kitesurfing Lessons

Do you want to improve your kitesurfing skills?

Take advantage of our private kitesurfing lessons. An instructor for you alone, dedicated exclusively to your needs. Sessions of 2h per day. You will not miss any detail!

Kitesurfing Rental

Have you finished the course and want to continue kitesurfing? Are you travelling by plane and don't want to carry your board?


The groups are of maximum four students per instructor. They are organized from the school according to levels and weights of the participants, and wind conditions. They can be of one, two, three or four participants.
To be able to do semi-private lessons we have to be always two participants. In the case of coming alone, the school takes care of setting up the group, if this is not possible you should choose a private lesson or group course.
Kitesurfing is a 100% wind conditioned sport. Normally the best hours of wind are during the midday and afternoon, often starting between 11:30 am and 3:00 pm. In order to have the best conditions for the lessons, the day before the session, the school contacts the student to inform him/her about the start time of the next day's lessons, according to the weather forecast.
Simple! All you have to do is bring comfortable clothes and shoes for the session on land, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, don't forget water to hydrate yourself, something to eat (sandwich, fruit, etc.) and a lot of fun! Don't worry about anything else, we'll take care of it.
Don't worry, in case we have a date and the wind doesn't blow, we will move the session to another day by mutual agreement. If you happen to run out of vacation days and you still have hours of kitesurfing left, but we have no wind..., we'll give you back the money for the hours not done!