The Center

Eolis Kite Watersports Center is formed by a group of people who are passionate about sports, by this we mean that we are not just a company, but a group of frikis, crazy for water sports.

Eolis Kite is a dream come true, founded in 2008 by Delfo Pascual, it started as an exclusive kitesurfing school. The passion for the sea and sliding sports made Eolis Kite, during these years, introduce new water sports.

Kitesurf, Windsurf, Paddle Surf and Catamaran are for us a religion. It is a way of life with its own philosophy. Like the Hawaiians with the surf, we also believe in something, something that accompanies us every day, that tests us, that motivates us, that gives us happiness and that affects our actions, something that gives meaning to our lives.

We can never forget where we come from, our roots, our origin. This is why Eolis Kite puts so much attention on the conservation of the environment, being the first water activity centre with the CETS certification (European Charter for Sustainable Tourism).

Our passion, commitment to the environment and continuous training are the keys of our/your centre.




Actualmente es la persona que lleva más años trabajando con nosotros, 9 años en total!! Por lo tanto podemos decir que es el instructor con más experiencia y conocimiento de la escuela. Se caracteriza por ser muy sociable y por su tranquilidad cuando trata con las personas y realiza sus clases. Practica habitualmente el Kitesurf, se ha especializado en el Strapless Kitesurfing y podríamos describirlo como “Finura llevada al máximo!!”. Otras disciplinas, el freestyle y el hydrofoil. Amante de las olas, también practica el Surf y el Paddle Surf, estuvo una temporada viviendo y trabajando en Fuerteventura.

PAddle Surf
"El Fanático"


Marc studies Aerospace Technologies at the UPC. In summer he works with us, as a Kitesurf and Paddle Surf instructor. He is the most active and motivated young man in the school! He is currently practicing kitesurfing, a crazy of the big jumps! He is also starting to get into Strapless Kitesurfing. As a highly motivated sportsman, he not only stays with the water modalities, but he is also passionate about sport climbing and recently paragliding.

Paddle Surf
"The Master of Life"


Geju joined us last year, he works as a kitesurfing instructor. He has a lot of experience in teaching and a lot of hand with children. So far he has practiced and worked as a diving, skiing, snowboarding and kitesurfing instructor. He is currently practicing kitesurfing and we could say that his strong point is " the graps with style!" He is also introducing Strapless Kitesurfing and Kitefoil. His great experience as a diving instructor in Estartit makes him a very good expert of the natural space of our area.



Edmon también es un local de la zona de Kitesurf. El año pasado decidió darnos una ayuda con la escuela. Es instructor de Kitesurf, una persona apasionada, motivada y muy alegre, siempre transmitiendo buen rollo. Actualmente practica el Kitesurf y el Snowboard. En ambas disciplinas se decanta por el Freestyle.



Passionate about the sea, professional diver, sick surfer, native to our area, Robert only lacks gills. Young, but experienced at the same time, a perfect mix to transmit knowledge with a lot of passion. He has been kitesurfing for more than 10 years, his favourite discipline is surfkite, but since last year he has been caught up in the hydrofoil fever. He is also a ski instructor and mountain bike (BTT) trainer among other sports. His dream is to buy a sailboat to sail the seas, while surfing the best waves in the world.



Duna is a local from the kitesurfing area of Estartit, last season he joined us to give us a little help. She is very passionate about kitesurfing, surfing and skiing. She mainly works as a kitesurfing instructor, and is characterized by her friendliness, empathy and way of transmitting tranquility and serenity. Currently she practices Freeride, a little bit of Freestyle and is starting in Strapless Kitesurfing.



A native of l'Estartit, he is literally the head of the school. He founded "Eolis Kite" as a single worker. The result of his great passion, work and motivation is reflected in what we can see in the centre today. He currently holds the position of manager, although originally he was dedicated to teaching kitesurfing. He has been practicing kitesurfing for more than 15 years. His main modality is Strapless Kitesurfing. We can define him as "the animal! Other modalities, strapless freestyle and hydrofoil. He is also passionate about waves, he practices Surfing and Paddle Surfing. Recently he has started in the sport climbing.

Paddle Surf


Active, determined, firm, effective, efficient, dynamic, intense, tenacious, strong, to sum up we could define it as PURE ENERGY. Mireia helps "The Boss" to control all aspects of the centre. She is a keen sportswoman, if she has 30 minutes to spare, she will dedicate them to running, yoga, Core anything. Demanding kitesurfing instructor, but sweet at the same time, if she likes something it is that her students learn to the maximum. She practices many sports, such as Paddle Surfing, a little bit of Surfing, Snowboarding, aerial silks and she is an excellent climber.

paddle surf