The Kitesurf & Paddle Surf SPOT is located on Pletera beach, between l'Estartit and Pals, on the Costa Brava (Girona, Catalonia), within the Montgrí, Illes Medes and Baix Ter Natural Park.
We find 6km of natural beach, oriented to the east, with fine sand and shallow.
In front of the beach, about 2 km into the sea, we discover the Medas Islands, one of the most important reserves of marine flora and fauna in the western Mediterranean.



With a great richness of navigable winds, from the Northwest (the famous Tramontana) to the Southwest passing through the East, the kitesurfing area of l'Estartit is usually a good destination for different levels and styles of navigation.

The SPOT is ideal for KITESURF, WINDSURF, PADDLE SURF and CATAMARAN, among other water sports.

In general, early in the morning, the sea conditions are usually perfect for PADDLE SURFING. A walk around the Medes Islands or along the wonderful Montgrí Coast, with dreamy coves "la Pedrosa" or "la Ferriola", and magic corners "la Roca Foradada".

At mid-morning, when the wind starts to blow a little, we usually enjoy excellent conditions for learning WINDSURFING and CATAMARAN. From midday, when the wind strength increases, it is time for KITESURF. This SPOT offers different conditions, depending on the day, for all tastes.


In spring and summer one of the most frequent winds is the MARINADA, SE direction, is a thermal wind from the right (SIDE ON). If the day is clear, there is a good chance that the thermal wind will enter well, a very constant wind ideal for learning kitesurfing, windsurfing and catamaran sailing.

Also, during these dates, the wind from GARBÍ, direction S-SO (SIDE/ SIDE OFF) is quite common. It usually blows with more force than the thermal and more gusty.

We can't forget about the famous north winds on the Costa Brava. In summer we are visited by the GREGAL, a constant wind from the NE (SIDE ON), being Estartit the best SPOT on the Costa Brava to sail this wind.

The TRAMUNTANA, wind from the N-NW (SIDE OFF), normally very strong and gusty, is less frequent in summer. Autumn is usually the best time to enjoy these conditions.

From April to August is usually the time of year with the most days of navigable wind, between 70% and 90% of days with F3 wind or more.


With the north winds, good waves are often formed for kite surfing. The beach of l'Estartit a Pals is considered the best Wave SPOT in all of Catalonia.


Beginner          *****
Intermediate  *****
Freeride           *****
Waves              ***
Hydrofoil        *****


What wetsuit do I need?
- For the winter months we recommend a 5mm wetsuit.
- During the months of May and October we recommend a 4mm wetsuit.
- For July, August and September a shorty or for the hottest days a lycra.

Estartit water temperature