Our Catamaran Lessons

"Speed, adrenaline and freedom, gliding over the waves at high speed with no more noise than the wind and water" is for us the definition of catamaran sailing.

Learn to sail on a Catamaran, one of the fastest boats in light sailing. Thanks to its two hulls, the catamaran has greater stability and manages to reach higher speeds.

It is a very versatile boat, as it allows us to sail from very light winds, ideal conditions for an excursion to the Medas Islands, to strong winds for more experienced users.

Catamaran baptism - 2 hours session

If you want to discover the sensations of sailing a catamaran, this is your best option. Two hours with an instructor who will guide you and explain the most basic notions of sailing. You can start alone or accompanied by up to 3 people.

Lessons program:

Reduced wind theory, basic safety rules.

First rudder contact.

First gybe and tack maneuvers.

*All the session is done in the water

Catamaran initiation - 4 hours (2 sessions)

Do you want to learn how to sail a catamaran? Four hours with an instructor where you will learn the most important steps to start practicing this sport independently. Come to learn alone or accompanied. Maximum 3 people.

Lessons program:

Wind and course theory, parts and tuning of the catamaran, basic safety rules.

Maneuvers: tacking and gybing.

Entering and leaving with the boat to the beach.

Complete catamaran lesson - 8h (4 sessions)

Learn catamaran sailing step by step! If you know it' s your sport, don't doubt it, at the end of this course you will be ready to rent equipment and practice on your own*.
The right course for 1 to 3 people.

Lessons program:

Wind and course theory, parts and tuning of the catamaran, basic safety rules.

  Manoeuvres: tacking and gybe.

Entering and leaving with the boat to the beach.

Return to the starting point.

 Catamaran roll-over maneuver

*You will be able to practice independently in calm wind conditions (not in adverse conditions).

Catamaran Rental

Rental rates - Price per boat.


Look at the trip to the natural park! Includes rent + instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book a catamaran course individually or in a group. As a general rule the school does not organize groups, it is the clients who must create them (family, friends, couple, etc.). As an exception, if the school has the possibility of joining two, three... people who contract the course alone but want to form a group, we will do our best to form them.
The time per catamaran session is 2 hours.
The catamaran is a sport conditioned 100% by the wind. Normally the best wind hours for learning the catamaran are in the morning and midday. In order to be able to do the courses with the best conditions, the day before the session, the school contacts the student to inform about the starting time of the courses the next day, according to the weather forecast.
Simple! All you have to do is bring your swimsuit, hat, sunscreen, don't forget the water to hydrate yourself and a lot of fun! Don't worry about anything else, we'll take care of it.
Don't worry, in case we've arranged to meet and the wind doesn't show, we'll postpone the session for later or move it to another day by mutual agreement. If you happen to run out of vacation days and you still have hours left on the catamaran, and we do not have wind..., we will give you back the money for the hours not done!