Kitesurfing courses

It is an aquatic sport that allows people to move through the water with a table and a comet. With kitesurfing it’s possible to reach high speeds, make impressive jumps and surf waves.

Efoil Courses

It is a foil table with an electric motor, with which we can fly over the sea, without the need to use a sail or boat that provides us with traction, only you and the efoil table! Adrenaline and freedom!

Paddle Surfing Courses

Paddle Surfing, SUP or Stand Up Paddle is a water sport that consists of moving around the water using a paddle or paddle while standing on a larger and more stable surfboard.

Windsurfing Courses

As the name suggests, windsurfing (wind= wind and surf) is a water sport with many years of travel. In the mid-1930s, the first sail was assembled on a surfboard.

Wingfoil Courses

Wingfoil is a new modality that is generating great success. It consists of moving over the water using a wing that we will maneuver with our hands, and a table with a foil at our feet.

Catamaran Courses

Speed, adrenaline and freedom, planning over the waves at high speed with no more noise than wind and water” is for us the definition of sailing on a catamaran.





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Kitesurfing School, Wingfoil, Windsurfing, Efoil, Stand Up Paddle and Catamaran

Eolis kite is the Kitesurfing School, Wingfoil, Windsurfing, Efoil, Stand Up Paddle and Catamaran in L'Estartit, Girona. We have an exclusive area for the school, as well as a rescue boat to always guarantee your safety. All instructors have been duly trained to offer you the best service! In addition, in Eolis Kite, you can enjoy the wonderful natural landscape of the Medes Islands and the Costa Brava!


  • Seasonal material in perfect condition.
  • Classes and excursions, personalized or in groups.
  • Area exclusively reserved for the Kitesurfing School.


Escuela de Kitesurf y Paddle Surf Girona
punto kitesurf estartit




Do you need to rent equipment to navigate? In addition to our courses, we also offer rental of Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Paddle Surfing, and Catamaran equipment. You can rent a kite table, a bar, the harness or the complete equipment! The same for windsurfing equipment. Also, ask for our special material rates if you have already done a course with us!

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