Our natural environment

We are located in a Protected Natural Area, the Montgrí Natural Park, the Medes Islands and the Baix Ter. Our school and all the areas where we carry out our activities coexist with this state of protection.

It is a privilege for us to be able to practice and teach the sports that we most enjoy in contact with nature, but we must not forget the respect and commitment to the environment.

The kitesurfing area is part of an environmental restoration project, the Life Pletera project. A natural beach with dunes and a great biodiversity of its own. The low intensity of urbanization is replaced by an access to the beach full of protected vegetation and fauna species.

The Medas Islands have a huge biological value, both for their diversity and density of species. We find large populations of fish (grouper, gilthead bream, sea bass, etc.) and a great variety of bottom types (Posidonia Oceanica meadows and coral beds). We can also see, from out of the water, protected bird species such as the Cormorant moñundo, or birds of prey such as the Peregrine Falcon.

The Coast offers a spectacular landscape of limestone cliffs up to 100m high. Some of these are submerged up to 50m into the sea. Along it we can distinguish magnificent caves, underwater caves, tunnels, coves, beaches and points. As recommendations, the Roca Foradada, a cave of 60m long and 6m high. Also the natural white pine populations or the protected bats that live in the non-submerged caves.

To conclude, just remember and raise awareness about the importance of our natural environment. We also advise to follow the necessary behaviour guidelines to be able to preserve the great natural value of our lands and environment.