Summer camp activities

The participants of the camp will carry out activities related to wind, sea and nature. Mainly they will practice Windsurf, Catamaran, Paddlesurf, initiation to the pilotage of a kite of Kitesurf and workshops or excursions dedicated to the environmental education. These activities will always depend on the weather conditions and the school's own dynamics. Other activities that we can find in our camp are slackline, snorkeling, beach paddle, beach volleyball, knots workshop, etc...

The students, when they are not with the nautical activities instructors, will always be with a free time instructor.


The minimum age required for the camp is 6 years


9:00* to 13:00**
* You can bring the children between 8.45h and 9h
** Pick up between 13:00h and 13:15


Kitesurfing Zone Estartit, Pletera Beach

Why Eolis Kite camps?

LET’S DO SPORT!! Yes, sport is very important for our health. Therefore, we think it is a very good idea to teach our youngsters to do sport. But not only this, it is also very important HOW we do sport! Well, this is not always beneficial if we do not practice it correctly.

What else...

Ah yes!! Sport brings us great BENEFITS to people, especially emotional balance, physical and cognitive development, greater self-control and higher self-esteem, among others ... It is super positive for our growth during childhood. Therefore, we will start practicing it and introducing it into our weekly routine!

What about the environment? How boring?

NOT really! Environmental education can also be a lot of fun. Want to check it out?

Besides... Don't you think it's a very good idea to teach the little ones to respect what we like so much? From the school we think it is very important to teach to take care of what allows us to practice outdoor sports, yes THE NATURE! Without wind or physical space we would not be able to practice kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddlesurfing, etc... therefore, we will learn to take care of it!

In general! Although sport and the environment are a good example, nature provides us with infinite things that, many times, for the education we receive, we are unable to see. Let's give the little ones a chance to discover what we get from the environment and what we have to do for it not to be damaged.

Camps Rates

1 week 120 €
2 weeks 228 €
3 weeks 324 €
4 weeks 412 €
5 weeks 490 €
6 weeks 558 €
7 weeks 616 €
8 weeks 672 €
9 weeks 720 €
10 weeks 760 €



5% discount if you sign up before 4 June!