Super small group courses

Maximum two children per instructor

1:30h and 3h sessions

Depending on the number of participants and equipment used


We offer kitesurfing courses for children from 9 years old and a minimum weight of 35 kg
The courses are not designed so that when the children finish they go on their own. Whenever they want to sail they will need adult supervision.
The time per kitesurfing session varies depending on the number of participants within the group and the equipment used. 1 student group = 1:30h approx. session; 2 students and 1 kite group = 3h approx. session.
Kitesurfing is a 100% wind conditioned sport. Normally the best hours of wind are during the midday and afternoon, often starting between 11:30 am and 3:00 pm. In order to have the best conditions for the lessons, the day before the session, the school contacts the student to inform him/her about the start time of the next day's lessons, according to the weather forecast.
Simple! All you have to do is bring comfortable clothes and shoes for the session on land, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, don't forget water to hydrate yourself, something to eat (sandwich, fruit, etc.) and a lot of fun! Don't worry about anything else, we'll take care of it.
Don't worry, in case we have a date and the wind doesn't blow, we will move the session to another day by mutual agreement. If you happen to run out of vacation days and you still have hours of kitesurfing left, but we have no wind..., we'll give you back the money for the hours not done!